The NMSA Reach program is an individualized training program that compliments team training for those players who are looking to get out of their comfort zone and reach new heights.


Players enrolled in the Reach program will participate in an Individual Development Plan (IDP) meeting with NMSA coaches to better understand how the program will benefit the player.  Initially our spring 2021 Program will focus on the following:


  • Creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for each player in order to Develop short and long term Goals coupled with an action plan. 

  • Strength and Conditioning (including injury prevention)

  • Power Development and how it applies to soccer performance

  • Baseline physical testing (before and after)

    • Body Composition

    • Beep Test (conditioning)

    • Sprint Speed

    • Power Output


Over time the Reach program will evolve to include other aspects of player development, including:



  • Position specific technical development and ball mastery

  • Video supported game analysis to improve tactical awareness and game understanding

  • Nutrition specific to optimal soccer performance (Parents involvement required)

  • Mobility, Agility, Balance and Coordination

  • Proper warm up and recovery planning

  • Mental training skills 



The Reach program will be run by Strength and Conditioning Coach Neal Williams with support from UNM Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology, Fabiano Amorim. In addition to NMSA Technical Director Josh Groves and other members of the NMSA coaching Staff. Sessions will be held in the gym and on the field.


Initially we will have a limited number of spots available for each age group. The Program is currently only available to members of NMSA and is aimed at players aged 12 to 19. Training schedule will be provided after registration. If you would like more information on the program please feel free to contact us by email or submit a question by clicking here


To register for the program please fill out the form below. Program fees are payable at the time of registration. The cost for the Spring 2021 Reach Program (February to May) is $160,  this includes a minimum of 16 sessions.

The NMSA Reach Program is designed for players who are striving to improve their on-field performance with a comprehensive program that complements our NMSA team training sessions.  

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NMSA Reach Training Schedule