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The NMSA Reach Program is designed for players who are striving to improve their on-field performance with a comprehensive program that complements our NMSA team training sessions.  Supplemental programs are offered throughout the year, details of programming can be found below


NMSA is excited to partner with The Athletes Playground to offer an extensive winter strength and conditioning program for the 2022/23 winter. Click the link below to access information and use the registration links below to register.

Click here for detailed information 

MIDDLE SCHOOL REGISTRATION LINK: (Birth year 2009 and 2010)

HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRATION LINK: (Birth year 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005)

Nutrition seminar 'proper fueling for teenage athletes'

Thanks to all those that joined us for the Nutrition Seminar, see below for a video of the seminar and additional resources:

Contact info for Coach Maddy and other Resources

Quick Nutrition Guide for Gameday

This winter NMSA is offering small group technical training sessions with NMSA Coaching Directors and Professional players from New Mexico United.
To Schedule your small group training sessions or register for the camp with our Pro Coaches/Club Directors use the calendar and reservation widget below to view upcoming sessions and make reservations. We will be adding sessions thruought the winter based on coaches availability and demand.


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