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Take a closer look at some of the theory behind our curriculum, coaching methods and our overall approach to player development. Use the arrows at the bottom of each prezi to navigate thru the presentation and use the fullscreen button to make the prezi larger.

Under 6's Developmental Curriculum


This presentation will provide you with specific information regarding our Under 6's player curriculum and what a typical training session will look like for this age group. The prezi also touches on why we feel the games approach to teaching soccer is best for young players and why guided discovery is an important coaching method. We also briefly touch on Long Term Athlete Development Models.

Click on the arrows at the bottom of the prezi to scroll thru

Mindset and Praise


Research into how children respond to praise has significant implications for coaches of young players. This prezi provides an overview of the research and some insight in how we aim to positively influence the mindset of our players.


Sports Parenting/Sideline Behaviour


Parents play a critical role in their childrens development, unfortunately in New Mexico adults are often responsible for creating negative environments and unneccesarry pressure around youth soccer games. It is our goal to help promote a more postive environment for our young players through the development of a sophisticated parent group. This prezi summarises our feelings about the challenges of sports parenting and how to encourage appropriate sideline behaviour.

Nutrition for Youth Soccer Players

Review a pdf of the information presented by Angie King-Nosseir on optimal nutrition for growing athletes which includes a guide on what to feed your players before and after soccer games.




Click here to visit our Philosophy page to learn more about how we believe children learn.

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